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In car wash systems, improving water use efficiency benefits the bottom line. Reducing water use also saves energy, benefits the environment and promotes a company's commitment to sustainability and Green Technology.

Well maintained car wash facilities typically use from 15-20 gallons per vehicle (gpv) without recycling wash water. Automatic systems with water recycling can use less than 7-10 gpv. When water is not recycled and equipment is not maintained, automatic systems can easily use more than 70-80 gpv.

Installing a Joshi Agro Industries industrial water filter after the car wash system's settling tank provides a comprehensive solution; reducing quantity of water used and improving water quality.

Joshi Agro Industries industrial water filters can transform an open system to recycle water or can easily be integrated into an existing closed-loop system. Our self-cleaning filters will protect spray nozzles and help to avoid unnecessary shutdowns.

In comparison to other filter technologies self-cleaning water filters are more cost-effective, automatic, produce less wastewater, and will not suspend primary system flow during the automatic cleaning cycle.

Joshi Agro Industries self-cleaning water filters operate on existing water pressure and use as little as two gallons per backwash.

Due to the stapling effect of fibers on wire mesh, car wash water sources usually require wedge wire screen elements.

Car washes typically thrive with a degree of filtration of 100μ.


Spray Nozzle Protection.
Recycled Water Filtration

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